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EarthJOY, founded in 2007

We will provide more information for ALL staff biograpghies & certifications, updated in May.



Co founders of EarthJOY LLC in 2007 - They are GOTC certified recreational tree climbers. They have traveled the world, training students of camps, and have worked with 1000's of children in workshops and tree climbs. They are both CPR certified and follow the ACA guidelines for camp. Shelly is a Licensed Physical Therapist, KYT & has been leading adventures since she was 8. Bill is an engineer, he is OSHA camp, and wrote the camp safety guide, taught to staff. He follows ACA guidelines. He was a professional softball player and a girls softball coach for 5 years.


Owner of Pawsitive Play. Alex has worked for EarthJOY Tree Adventures, led the day camps for kids for 10 years. She is CPR certified, certified facilitator and trained in conflict resolution. Her skill set is, "No child left behind.” She is adaptive to connecting to the "essence" of children.


The Camp Coordinator/Organizer. She coordinates the structure of each week and how it functions. This involves the responsiblity of rooming, grouping the activities, the Check-In/Out process, as well as organizing and taking control of the office and all the paper work for each child attending the camp. Sarah is CPR Certified.