NO WEAPONS, ILLEGAL DRUGS or ALCOHOL allowed on the Property!


Can we have or bring alcohol?

Alcohol & Illegal Drugs are NOT permitted. 

Since this ReTREEt focuses on increasing your frequency & alcohol is a depressant, this ReTREEt will be alcohol & drug free.

Where are the sleeping arrangements?

You have 3 options. 

  • Bring your own tent, sleeping bag and pillow.
  • Sleep in a hammock 
  • Stay in the farm house (Limited space — Sign up asap if you are interested)

What is the change of reservation policy?

Since we have limited spots, we request the following change of reservation policy. 60 days, full refund | 30 days, 50% refund only if their is a family emergency. 

Are both men and women allowed to join the ReTREEt?

YES! Everyone is welcome, Men and Women.

Are there scheduled activities and things to do incase of weather restrictions?

YES. Bring your rain gear!


Will there be 24/7 security? What happens if an unauthorized person enters the camp?

Yes. There will be 24/7 security. Our gate remains locked at all times. There will be no permission of unauthorized individuals.

Will there be a medical professional on site incase of a medical emergency?

Yes. There will be a Licensed Physical Therapist that is available. Meadowview Regional Hospital is 15 minutes from our camp.

When realizing that there are food allergies, what precautions are taken in that matter?

If you have very special needs please bring your own food.

What medications will be in stock?

Zanfel for poison ivy, benadryl, hydrocortisone, ace wraps, bandaids, aloe gel, sunscreen.


What type of meals will be served?

All organic with vegetarian option. If you have very special needs please bring your own food.

Included in your daily meal, will be a POWER SMOOTHIE Drink!


  • 7:30 am | Yoga
  • 9:00 am | Breakfast 
  • 10:00 am | Workshop 1
  • 12:30 pm | Lunch
  • 1:30 pm | Workshop 2
  • 4:00 pm | Workshop 3 
  • 6:00 pm | Dinner
  • 7:00 pm | Guitar, Bon Fire & Over the Roast

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  • Technical Tree Climb, Level 1 Certification 
  • Forest Therapy Certification
  • Connect with Nature
  • Off-the-Grid Living 
  • Learn How to Build a Treehouse 
  • Guided Tree Climb
  • Guitar, Bonfire, Over the Roast
  • Hot Tub
  • Movie Under the Stars 
  • Create Your Sole Card Deck 
  • Nature Hikes
  • Creek Walking 
  • Nature Journal
  • Pottery
  • Develop Your Oil Blend
  • Fishing
  • Back-Packing | Primitive Skills 
  • Make Mala Bracelets
  • Create a Dreamcatcher
  • Hammock Making
  • Basic Survival, Navigation Skills
  • Tree Yoga

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