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Campers will experience basic, age appropriate navigational skills like safe, three point creek crossing, grow and harvest basic gardening, how to build a fire, how to set up a tent, and what to put in a backpack for an overnight stay. 

How to make your own walking stick and cross a creek when it's raining and muddy. How to interact with bugs, spiders & animals in a respectful kind way. What this means is your camper will come home with confidence in outdoor navigational earth skills that will last a life time. 

In each activity below, we have listed qualities and skills that they will learn. We set your camper up for success by having them choose activities that they find interesting. And to try other activities that they find to be out of their comfort zone. They will receive a comprehensive camp experience and come home confident.

EARN EarthJOY “Ex-tree-Mist” t-shirt

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Your child will earn, EARTH, WATER, AIR, & FIRE badges. When they earn all four they will make their own EarthJOY Extreemist T-shirt!!

There will be constant supervision during activites

ACTIVITIES | Life Skills

Nature Journal

Paste | Draw | Collect

Connect with Nature

Bonding | Laughing | Interacting | Respect | Wildlife | Tree and Wildflower Identification | Importance of all critters in nature | How to make tea from wild floweres | Poison Ivy Identification | Jewel Leaf as an antidote ginger & more 

Basic Survival Skills

Attitude | Shelter | Water | 

Fire | Food | Naturalist Skills 


Prepare | Importance of Roots | Importance of Watering & Feeding | Harvest

Backpack | Primitive Camp Skills

Mini backpack trip to the backside of our property.

Lightweight backpack | What not to put in your backpack (Keep it light) | Cook Over a fire | Set up a tent | Prepare for rain | How to go to bathroom outside 

Building Nature Trails

Start to Finish

Teaching the correct way of creating their own nature trail. Build trails and put your name on it forever!

ACTIVITIES | Adventurous & Fun

Tree Climbing

Saftey | Ascending Procedures | Descending 

Lay in Hammocks | Swing in Tree Chairs |  Learn to Surf Branches

Nature Hikes

Recap benefits of what nature has to offer.

Silence | Clarity | Counter Our Standards of Survival in Society | Regenerate 

Creek Walking

A fun form of exercising, a place to meditate on nature, or maybe find some sort of inspiration within. It’s also a great place to find and collect...

Isolated Artifacts | Fossils | Arrowheads from Different Cultures or Periods 

Arts & Crafts

Most popular! Customize a Tobacco Stick to Hike With!

Ceramics | Pottery | Hammock Making | Making Badges | Customize Rocks | Dream Catcher | Jewelry Making


Learning Patience & Skill

*Supervised at ALL times*


ACTIVITIES | Let Go & Be a Kid

Dodge Ball

Frisbee Golf

Story Telling







Street Hockey




Karate Self-Defense by Legacy Taekwondo



Teach & Learn 

To be Gentle | To Avoid Violence | To Love Peace & Harmony | Respect & Self-Respect | Relieves Tension & Aggression | Improves Character

Manyet Hip Hop Dance by Manyet Dance



Teach & Learn

Discipline | Poise | Grace | Confidence | Hard Work